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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Auto-reload, and many new tweaks


Seen our project timeline lately? It's irrefutable proof we've been constantly tweaking and improving Django. Some changes, as of late:

  • The built-in development server now auto-reloads code when you refresh pages. No more having to restart the server when you make changes to your Python code! Special thanks to Jason Huggins for the patch.
  • Speaking of the development server, it'll automatically serve admin media (images, CSS, JavaScript) for you. No more having to set up Apache just for those media files during development.
  • meta.Admin.fields is now optional. By default, it'll use all editable fields in your model. Of course, you can still override it if you want fine-grained control over how your dynamically-generated admin forms look.
  • We've added explicit mod_python documentation.
  • We've added createsuperuser as a helpful utility.
  • We've made all sorts of tweaks and improvements to error messages, to make things as friendly and helpful as possible. (Speaking of friendly and helpful, have you been to the #django IRC channel yet?)

All of these improvements came within the last 48 hours. Most of them came today.

These changes are backward-compatible -- but please keep in mind that there's no guarantee of backwards compatibility until our first official release. Now's the time to suggest non-backwards-compatible changes, before we go into backwards-compatibility mode. Make suggestions on the django-developers mailing list.

Stay tuned, and get involved: Much more improvements and tweaks are on the way.


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