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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Posted: 2005-07-22T23:51:29Z

Do you ever get a feeling of i dont know nothing matters your heart is lifted up those dark clouds go away and nothing matter but him and you and every time you are done talking to him you smile bigger than you have ever smiled, and you could just lay in bed and day dream about him and just think about everything he has ever done or ever made you feel, wow i cant believe just put this i dont know its weird i just sit smiling thinking about him, but what if this feeling no one else makes you feel even the cute actor you love so much, this feeling is the greatest thing in the world until you know that you cant have it, but still you dream about it and oh god i dont know i think i should just go out with someone and pretend that they make me feel the same way as that one special guy did i guess i will say yes and go out with this other guy and just forget about everything else


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