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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ex-Boyfriend Paul

Posted: 2005-07-23T00:24:14Z


Here is a picture of my ex-boyfriend we dated for a whole month he was a great boyfriend very sweet the only picture i have is of me and him so you can kind of see him. Ok i have liked this guy sence forever sence we were in middle school and finally my sophamore year when laura was taking me home and her boyfriend we saw him walking and i was having a bad day but every time i see him my day gets so much better and so he walked to lauras door and she rolled down the window and he ask for a ride she said no and he open the door and said thank and pushed her set forward he asked me how i was i was like good but i was smiling so much he stuck his arm around my neck and told me i was really pretty and asked if he could kiss me or something and i told him no but laura dropped him off first then we went to drop turtle off and after that i told her i think i can ask him out now then she asked if i wanted to go back i said no then yeah then no she was saying i think you should i just was so nervous and i told her i dont know she said you are doing it so we drove up to house and i asked him out it was one of the hardest things in my life to do but it was worth it and i am really glad i did do it he went to live somewhere else and we still talk so everything is good


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