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Monday, July 18, 2005

Learning .NET

Posted: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 13:52:44 GMT


Learning new technologies can be difficult but rewarding.  When asked, I always (of course) recommend instructor-led training.  Compared to working through technical books alone or "fiddling" with IDEs and product documentation, training delivers deep expertise efficiently with a demonstrated high ROI.  That being said, there are fantastic resources available for expanding your technical knowledge without attending a class or a University.  One thing I want to do here is share some of the good learning resources I've found... and I hope you will share with me your favorites.

One particularly good one is Joe Hummel's webcast series. Dr. Hummel just finished a 15-part series on C#.  Hummel demonstrates things in the correct way, but uses examples and techniques you won't find in MS Press books or the MOC.  He answers questions and provides lab exercises.  Each webcast is about an hour and a half long... so for 35 hours or so he takes us on a broad journey through object oriented design and programming with the language.  Novice developers and devs new to OOP will get the most out of it.  I highly recommend it.

He also did a series on Visual Basic .NET.

Be sure to keep an eye on upcoming live webcasts and the archive of on-demand webcasts from MSDN.  I can't get enough of these webcasts - they are easy to watch and deliver real solutions and practical advice.  An excellent learning vector.


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