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Monday, July 18, 2005

Metrics That Matter is awful

Posted: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 20:58:50 GMT


Metrics That Matter by Knowledge Advisors is awful.

It's too easy to create a new instructor account rather than associate a new class with an existing instructor.  The MTM guy at TechEd mocked CPLS employees - virtually claiming that this problem was solely due to their stupidity when creating classes in the system.   It's SO common though, that user error cannot be the best explanation.  The problem is the interface.  When this happens, instructors are left with the burden of calling or emailing KA to have the accounts "merged".  This is very 1985.

When you log on to MTM as an instructor, it takes 4 mouseclicks plus the configurations of two date fields to list your classes.  Why doesn't MTM display a list of all your classes as soon as you log in?  This is my biggest gripe.  MTM operates significantly differently than every other data-driven website I've ever used.  It's not intuitive, it's certainly not responsive, and it definitely is not usable.

It's funny how defensive the MTM people get when these issues are brought up.  Even the lowly tech support rep I talked to just now (to have some accounts merged) asked me to give the interface some time.  Well I have given it some time, and fact is, it's bad.

There are some things MTM does OKAY - the data and reports are readable (once they've been generated), although they are not pretty.  For example you have to hover your mouse over the catagory to read it if it's too large for the field.

As a last complaint, the user names are arbitrary codes that begin with an upper-case I.  In Arial font, the upper-case I looks like a lower-case l.  Minor, but there.

I challenge KA/MTM to perform real usability testing on this horrendous product.  It's clear they have not.


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