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Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Little Sleeping Rose

Posted: 2005-07-23T00:25:28Z

Here she is sleeping she is the sweetest when she is sleeping she is a little snuggle bug at night she purs to much and she growls This is her sleeping on my laptob she was just relaxing i was listing to one of my favorite songs yeah remember paul this song i was listing to reminded me of him so yeah its great cats dont like loud noises but here is rose laying on the computer which was pretty loud funny she can hear i guess it is good for her sence i play music every night so she is good cause she doesnt have to hear it she always sleep on the computer and even when i am on it she broke a button
This is my first cat that i ever got her name of course is rose she is kind of sweet she used to be really sweet but then i brought home a kitten and i guess she hated it alot or something so yeah.


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