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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Posted: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 04:09:15 GMT

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Everything = crap.

The rehersal dinner went fine, despite the fact that during introductions, Rachel introduced Carla and I and said that we were bridesmaids and, while good friends, hadn't really helped her with the wedding at all. The rehersal was long, but ok. It was pretty hot though and as I haven't been feeling my best lately, that wasn't so good.

The best/worst was after. A couple of Eric's groomsmen stole the face plate of his CD player as a joke. They were going to hold it hostage or something to get him to do some undisclosed thing. Well, that didn't go well. I've always sort of been afraid of Eric's temper and whoa. There was a lot to fear tonight. He got super pissed, went to his apartment, drove his fist through the door (and I mean through it), and then ran off into the night to who knows where.

There was other stuff too directly related to me, but I am too pissed to recount it for you all. And now I have to go to bed so that I can get up early and go decorate for 3+ friggin hours.



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