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Monday, July 18, 2005

Posted: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 08:38:52 GMT

Source: I'm getting over my spoiledness. Sort of. Too bad the thing is at the end, because if it was at the front, I could read to that part and get over it. But no, I just have to go on, knowing that it's lurking there. How irritating.

During the whole bit with Snape, I was like, "wow! Look at how good of a double-crosser he is! Nobody would ever suspect that he's working for Dumbledore and team!" Then it very slowly dawned on me that maybe he's actually doing some extra crossing. Like, a triple crosser! I think maybe I've read a bit too much fanfiction (or had too much Joss Whedon), because my mind now believes that anything is possible. Like thinking that anyone could die at any time. Or that anyone could be evil. Or....not..evil... WHO KNOWS! Sanity has been thrown to the wind!

Speaking of evil. Draco! What's going to happen to him! On Thursday I jokingly said to Meredith that I thought Draco was going to die. Now I'm all, NOOOOO!!!! What if he really DOES die? I don't actually think he will, but WHAT IF HE DOES?

And speaking of fanfiction - Bill and Fleur!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I had to read that part a couple times because it was soooo fanficky.

Overall, in these first 5 chapters, I've liked getting to see more of the characters that haven't had much/any action before. I sometimes think that it gets to be a little bit too much just about the trio, so seeing Narcissa and Bellatrix (Bella and Cissy????? Cissy? The first time it was used, I thought it must be a flash-back of some kind to when they were kids, but no.) as well as Snape outside Hogwarts and Dumbledore was nice. I approve!

Now back to reading.


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