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Monday, July 18, 2005

Posted: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 02:30:55 GMT


Remus is straight? Straight???!?!?!?! I feel cheated. Absolutely cheated. Didn't she even say that he was gay? I mean, not like flat-out "Remus Lupin is gay!", but sort of in a round-about way that very much suggested it? She is such a tease! By which I mean evil, depriving me of hothot Remus man love fantasies. It's just...wrong.

Overall, I felt that the book was a little too relationship-tastic. I understand all the high school ones, because I do remember high school (well, some of it, but enough), so that seems real. But did we also need both Bill/Fleur and *resists vomit reflex* Remus/Tonks? Maybe it's a "Voldemorts back! We could all die at any moment! Let's all get with someone, anyone, asap!" Doesn't make me like it any better though.

And Draco. Draco! He's so going to turn you know. Redeemed!Draco, yessssSSSS! And then he can give Harry secret important info on Voldy. Then Harry will rush out in his way that he does and fight him. Big V dies! Yay! But sadly, Harry is mortally wounded, and all anyone can do is make him comfortable. Fortunately, there is enough time for he and Draco to get it on before Harry finally succumbs to his injuries. But don't worry! He dies very happy! Best story evar!

Also, I should have gone with my original assumption re:Snape being the HBP! I am like a super-genius! HAHAHAH! Also, he's apparently evil. But I have some theories about this. Maybe.

So what happens now? Harry says he's not going back to school, no matter what happens with open/closed, and I think I believe him. At least for now. Who knows what might happen in the upcoming months to change his mind? For some reason, the thought of him (or Ron or Hermione) not finishing school makes me incredibly sad. I felt the same way when Fred and George left early. Just felt really sad.

Oh yeah, and Dumbledore died. Would have been more of a shocker had that FREAKING ASS OF A SPOILER GIRL not already told me who it was going to be and when. Granted, she could have been mistaken or not had the whole picture, what with not having read it all yet, but I still was pretty sure. And damn, it's STILL pissing me off. Stupid people! *shakes fist!!!!* But anyway, might also have some theories about Dumbledore's death.

Overall, I give this book some big thumbs up! I have enjoyed it much more than I did OotP, and I see rereads in the future.


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