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Friday, July 29, 2005

Ready, set, go!

Posted: 2005-07-17T21:16:57Z

I'm getting ready to enter the whirlwind again. I spent Friday and Saturday vegging out, relaxing, reading to the kids, and generally being lazy. But it's time to re-enter the swirling vortex of busy-ness. On tap for this week:

- Monday: dental check-ups (with four kids this takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours), medieval stories and games at the library, Jonathan's well-child check-up and 5yo boosters -- that'll be fun
- Tuesday: grocery shopping, WIC appointment
- Wednesday: Bible study potluck in the park -- I'm giving the devotional, and I need to make a covered dish to share
- Thursday: worship team practice for Sunday's service
- Friday: pack for camping
- Saturday: to the lake! And home again that evening -- just me, Kevin and the kids will stay and camp over
- Sunday: leading song service at church

I'm tired already and it hasn't even started. I keep saying, "Oh, well, it'll slow down next week." -- but by the time next week is here, it's just as busy! Part of the problem is that one of the other song leaders at church is on vacation for three months, so I'm doing double duty. I usually only do it once a month, and will go back to that in October, thank goodness.

All this to say I have no idea how much time I'll have to post. I'll probably find some time, but I'm not promising anything deep and profound. (As if it ever is, right?) I do have some posts on draft -- still in my head, I mean -- about some deep(er) and (more) profound stuff, but they'll just have to wait. Or maybe I'll just post them in the state they're in and let you all sort it out!


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