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Saturday, July 30, 2005


Posted: 2005-07-25T21:01:04Z

I've read on many of your blogs the wonderful chances you've had to meet in "real life" people who read your blog, or vice versa. It always amazes me to realize what a small world this is. But since I live in a very rural area in northeastern Washington state, I doubted this would ever happen to me. It's not like anyone just "passes through" our town. We're not really on the way to anywhere, and if we are, there's usually a faster, more convenient way to get there.

Well, three weeks ago as I was clicking the "Random Blog" button over on the Homeschool Blogger site, I came across a title that said, "Anyone out there from..." and listed a town ten minutes from us. The post went on to say that this family was moving from the coast (what we easterners call the western half of the state) and wanted to know if there was anyone out there from our area who homeschooled! I was delighted and responded to her post. To make a long story short, they moved two weeks ago, and we will be meeting at the park Thursday morning to visit and get to know each other and let the kids play. Then we'll head over to the library for a medieval fair they are putting on as part of the summer reading program.

I am excited, not only because I've never met any of my blog friends in "real life", but also because she has daughters. My daughter has very few friends her age. (And no, it's not due to lack of socialization -- don't get me started!) Our church seems to have a glut of boys age 1 to 10 and not many girls. She met one girl who she really clicked with, but her family serves as missionaries to the Ukraine and she was only here for two days.

So we will be heading to the park on Thursday, both of us girls excited to meet new friends. It is truly a small world.


Blogger ~*~DANNA~*~ said...

I was just PASSIN' through your BLOG and wanted to GIVE U A SHOUT OUT!! ... Blessings to you from OCALA, FLorida ... <>< ... Danna

11:38 AM


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