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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Show Me the Memories sale

Posted: 2005-07-22T15:56:35Z

Kevin has noticed that most of the hits to his business site have come from my blog. So we are announcing the first annual (I'm not really sure if it'll be annual, that just sounded official! :P) Show Me the Memories blogger sale!

Starting today and running until August 15th, all business we get from people who read my blog will be 10 percent off, and we will not charge shipping when we mail your videos/DVDs/photos back to you. Most of his services, such as tech support and programming, wouldn't apply to those of you who aren't in our area. But his specialty is transferring people's home videos and photos to DVD. He also makes cool slide-shows with music -- they can contain both photos and video clips. For examples, check out this page. (The examples are our kids T-Ball video from this year, and our wedding highlights -- 10 years ago. Please, no comments on my hair and how nervous we look!) For a list of services and prices, go to this page. Keep in mind that these are full price -- your price would be 10 percent off of what is listed.

If you're interested, please leave a comment or click the "Email me!" link in my sidebar.


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