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Saturday, July 23, 2005

SPAM and how it can save you money! by George Kos...

Posted: 2005-07-23T00:39:01Z


SPAM and how it can save you money! by George Kosch

There are times when we all need some clarification on what spam really is.
We all get it but seldom do we hear it defined. Spam is very important to
the success of the entrepreneur in a few important ways. Let's define and
look at it more carefully, taking into account the old saying "there is a
sucker born every minute".

What is spam?

Spam is the garbage email that we all get daily from either get rich quick
sites or porn sites. You will rarely get spam under any other subject. You
know you are in receipt of a spam email if you get information that you
didn't specifically request. You know you are a sucker (the one quoted
above) if you decide to buy from a spammer.

How can we stop spam?

Why would we want to? Read on

The hidden secret about spam that could save you thousands of dollars.

We all need to treat spam as a news service. What do I mean by this you
ask? I get about 20 spam messages a day on average and consider it a free
news service of businesses to stay away from. In other words, when you get
a spam message be sure to "insert" a subject at the top of the message that
says "Another business that is a scam or is going bankrupt". The first part
of the subject is very clear and covers most of the spam you will get. The
other half is very important.

Many companies on the net right now are going bankrupt, in fact this number
is in the tens of thousands. You can bet 100% that if you get a message
from a company that is trying to sell you something that seems legitimate
they are trying to keep from going out of business. You can purchase their
wares but the odds are they will use your money to pay their creditors or
simply pocket it without sending you a thing.

Most people would probably pay for such a service that provided them with
updates on business scams and companies that are going under. But, it's
free for us all. As a matter of fact, I recently worked on a software
problem with one of Microsoft's tech support people. This guy was one of
the core database programmers that you just don't see everyday on the
street. During our work we had a short break while the program was
compiling so I asked him how long he worked for the largest company in the
world. He told me, just over two years.

Then it hit me, I asked him how Microsoft blocked spam. I figured this
grand company had some secret way of doing it and just had to know. He told
me that he gets about a hundred spams a day on average and that there is no
way to block it since it is just so rampant. So folks if Microsoft can't
stop it, spam is here to stay, so let's use it and save some of our hard
earned money.

Oh, look at what the cat just dragged in

Spam clip

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Need I say more?
About the Author
George Kosch MSc. is Webmaster for, a renowned technology
services consultant and educator. He has appeared as a speaker in several
technology seminars and on Canadian television as an industry expert.For
other helpfulinformation on how to grow your business, go to


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