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Friday, July 29, 2005


Posted: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 06:13:08 GMT

/>1.) I smell like Eric. It is annoying.

2.) I just got home a couple minutes ago and there is definately a bike in the middle of our living room. I have no idea why it is there or whos it is. It's all very perplexing.

3.) I was in Eric's room earlier, and dude. Creepy. He's been moving his stuff to his and Rachel's new apartment, but there's still a lot there. For example, all his guns. Which were just leaning about the room along with assorted bullets. And I don't just mean hand guns. Yeah, there were two of those, but also a rifle and a shotgun and stuff that made it seem like we were readying ourselves for the end of the world.

4.) These days, every time I hang out with Rachel, the only activities we do are wedding-related. I understand that it is all soon and looming, but rahr. It's getting old. Tonight we looked at candlabaras, picked up a fake floral arrangement, and downloaded music.

5.) I got an invitation in the mail today. It was for another bridal shower. WTF?? How many freakin showers can one person have? Apparently at least 5. The best part about this one is that it says something like "join family and friends at a shower for Rachel, hosted at the home of Dee." But guess what? It neglects to mention where this so-called Dee lives. No address at all on the invitation. I thought it was hillarious.

6.) I also got my diploma in the mail today. At first I was really excited, because, you know, YAY! I really did graduate. However, upon further thought, I realised that my diploma doesn't say what I graduated IN. It just says "Bachelor of Science", no mention of the Anthropology part. Does that seem right to you? Do you think I should call someone (who?) and investigate that? Rachel got hers too, and it says "Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education." Why do my things always have problems?


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