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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Posted: 2005-09-09T20:10:43Z

Mommy: Josiah, come here and let me help you put your shoes on.

Josiah: Oh, my tie shoes! My tie shoes make me happy!

Josiah: Mommy, can I have a cookie?

Mommy: No, Josiah, you haven't even had breakfast yet.

Josiah: But, Mommy, it's good to share!

Jonathan: Mom, are we twins?

Mommy: No, Jonathan, twins are kids who were both in their Mommy's tummy at the same time and born on the same day. Noah was in my tummy and born 15 months before you were.

Jonathan: Oh. Are we chiclets? (I'm assuming he meant "triplets".)

Josiah (3yo) is in the "why" phase. Questions asked so far today: "Why does the food go in our mouths?" "Why do cars have wheels?" "Why don't bouncy balls have wheels?" Which was followed by, "I wish bouncy balls had wheels."


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