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Thursday, September 08, 2005

What I learned this weekend...

Posted: 2005-08-29T05:07:31Z

Source: ~ No matter what anyone says, having four children of your own does not in any way make adding two "no big deal".

~ You cannot successfully feed a 15-month old without a booster seat or high chair that they can be strapped in to.

~ Six kids at the fair, even with three adults, is a crazy idea. Maybe if they were all mine, and therefore spaced out a little more, but I'm not sure. Maybe with one giant stroller -- or leashes. (Just kidding; don't call CPS.)

~ When your almost-six-year-old puts his hands over his ears upon entering the zoo barn, both three-year-olds will be convinced that something very loud and scary is about to happen.

~ One three-year-old will recover very quickly and proceed to stick his hands into every cage whether the animal is friendly or not.

~ The other three-year-old will be impossible to convince that everything is "okay, all the animals are tied up, none are going to do anything remotely scary" and jump at every squawk, bleat and cockle-doodle-do. He will then begin crying inconsolably and Daddy will have to take him outside.

~ There is no way to take children through the animal and arts & crafts barns after they have seen the big "jumpy house" and rock-climbing wall.

~ At least one child will say, "No, I don't want to try climbing the wall" and then change his mind when the rest of the family is done climbing and bouncing and sliding and ready to move on.

~ At this point, the best idea is to leave this child with Daddy and let him climb the wall. It is also a good idea to leave the child who screams at the mention of visiting any more animals.

~ Patient Papas are worth their weight in gold.

~ So are fair workers who warn you that the piglets are getting their ears "tagged" and the pig barn may be a bit traumatic for the kiddies right now.

~ "Let's go look at the giant vegetables!" in the Gardening/Cooking/Arts & Crafts barn only works to get them through the door. As soon as they figure out that no one here is named Bob and Larry, they lose interest rapidly.

~ If you get six free helium-filled balloons which you tie to six child-sized wrists, you are lucky to make it home with two of them. The rest "went up to heaven for God", according to Noah.

~ Six children will sleep very well after spending a few hours at the fair.

I could keep going, but I'm tired. Actually, kidding aside, we had a really good weekend. It was exhausting, yes, but good. And I will now remember to pray for my sister more diligently until her kids are in the "easier" phase mine are in. Easier physically, anyway. My 15-month-old nephew is a live-wire, and the only time he's not moving is if he's re-fueling in the high chair or sleeping.

Josiah and Peter, my three-year-old and her three-year-old, had a blast playing together and got along perfectly until this morning, when signs of fatigue and too much togetherness began to set in. Just in time for Mommy and Daddy to come at noon to pick them up.


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