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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Posted: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 00:24:37 GMT

/>Harry = idiot.

Draco: I had guessed that he might be the one who was talking with Moaning Myrtle. At first I thought that he was faking it all. That somehow he needed something from her - information or help - and he was buttering her up with visiting and weeping and so on. The little scene that Harry spied in on made me doubt that. Maybe he's a normal(ish), freaked out 16-year old who's trying to do something practically impossible. Maybe he can yet be redeemed! Or maybe it's all just part of his cunningly evil plot! (unlikely)

As for what comes next re: Harry and Dumbledore and the cave, I feel that nothing good can come from this. Bad bad bad. And Harry's Draco obsession continues in its insanty! Give it up Harry!


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