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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Review of "Grace for the Race: Meditations for Busy Moms"

Posted: 2005-10-12T20:42:17Z

(Grace for the Race: Meditations for Busy Moms was provided to me free of charge by Mind and Media, who received it from the publisher for the purpose of being reviewed.)

Dena Dyer knows that moms are busy, so she has written a book filled with short (usually 2-page) meditations that combine humor and inspiration. My days have been filled to the top these past few weeks, and it was nice to have a book I could pick up whenever I had a couple minutes and read a complete chapter.

Ms. Dyer shares her struggle to find her way as a mom, a writer, and a Christian. She uses stories from her life to show God's grace in the seemingly mundane. I found much to relate to in this book. For instance:

-- the penchant for weepiness that overtakes us when we become mothers:
"Writer Ken Gire says: "In each tear is distilled something of eternity, something of love and compassion and tenderness, all things that originate in heaven and come to earth as a sacrament to my soul, if only I am willing to take and eat."

So whether I weep at a wedding, sob at a funeral, or tear up with joy while listening to a friend's good fortune, I'm no longer ashamed. In fact, during this pregnancy, I'm crying with abandon -- content in the knowledge that I'm touching both heaven and earth at the same time."

-- struggles with weight issues:
"Throughout my struggle with weight, God has reminded me time and again that He wants to be my food. Some days I let Him fill me up with His peace and power, and other days I run (again!) to the candy machine.

I've learned that my spiritual life is a lot like my eating habits. It's a daily battle to let Jesus, the Bread of Life, be my sustenance. It's much easier to run to the television, read a gossip magazine, or call a friend than it is to take the time to tell God what's bothering me and let Him work on my problems.

So my earnest prayer has become, "Lord Jesus, help me to hunger for You more than I hunger for earthly food. Make me as excited about spending time with You as I am about going out to eat."

And sometimes I add this postscript: "One more thing, Lord -- please let there be chocolate in heaven.""

-- the neighborhood competition to have the most lavish, expensive birthday party (for a child!)
"Is it just me, or are kids' birthday parties becoming too extravagant? Growing up, all we needed was pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, some cake and ice cream, and a few favors. Now, moms feel pressured to have an overarching theme, live entertainment, bounce houses, and pony rides -- not to mention goody bags rivaling those given to Academy Award presenters."

Each chapter ends with "Notes from the Coach" - a selection of Bible verses to meditate on. If you're looking for a book that has quick devotions that will make you laugh and encourage you to keep pressing on, then you'll enjoy Grace for the Race .


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